The implementation of a custom made Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) solution. Hereby regarding and combining active systems, industry norms and certifications.

An application that supports all phases in the APQP-flow by alerting the gatekeepers by actionlist and e-mail notification.

The APQP manager can easily track progress, get live information en check all processes.

APQP screenshot compilation

Overview & control

Quality assurance

Converting the paperflow to a digital portal. This consists of sets of digital forms which keep track of the different phases and gatekeeping. All fields and gates have authorization on a organisational level, where different departments have different clearances. This flow is not always lineair. Specific phases have feedback loops and can be restarted.

A major part of this project (~50%) consisted of consulting on project definitions and creating a requirement set. The project definition was created in close collaboration with all parties involved (operators, managers and IT-department).

Other elements

  • Automatically generated actionlists
  • Automatically generated e-mails
  • Authorization gates
  • admin-module with settings and automatic rapporting
  • Logging system which logs and tracks changes in the forms.